Cooking School Program

We offer corporate or private classes, entertaining up to 10 – 24 in hands-on classes, or demonstration classes for up to 50, including banquet dinner and accompanying wines.

For further information contact Brenda on 3844 1132 or email

Beginners    |    Book Online
$120    February 11    6.30–9 pm
Needing a little inspiration and confidence in the kitchen? Join Chef Paul Horne for pointers on knife skills, kitchen equipment and pantry essentials. Learn basic techniques; recipes for stocks, soups and simple mayonnaise; tips on frying and on grilling meats; and a fast & fool-proof impressive dessert.


Super Foods Summer    |    Book Online
$160    February 14   10 am–1 pm
Naturopath Tanya Quod shares why some foods are more beneficial to us than others? How do we incorporate healing foods into our diet. Chef Brenda Fawdon explores gluten-free grains (seeds), kale, beetroot, turmeric, spirulina, raw cacao, chia seed puddings, natural sugars and more. This class includes a signed copy of Brenda Fawdon's wholefood cookbook — Wholehearted Food.


Pasta Making    |    Book Online
$130    February 18    6.30–9 pm
Chef Paul Horne teaches us about different pasta-making recipes — basic, saffron and hard — and we learn how to make tortellini, fettucine and polenta gnocchi romana. We add a caprese salad and a simple, quick dessert to finish.


Spa Cuisine with Samantha Gowing | 2 Day Workshop   |   Book Online
$450   February 21 and 22   10 am–3 pm

Join Australia’s leading spa chef and clinical nutritionist, Sam Gowing, for a weekend workshop and discover her world of food as medicine. At this workshop we will discuss and demonstrate the healing cuisines of the world including wholefoods, raw cuisines and Japanese techniques — and debunk dietary myths to put you on track for a happy and healthier year ahead. Delicious lunch and wine included both days.


Modern Italian Seafood — Summer    |    Book Online
$130   February 25    6.30–9 pm
Chef Paul Horne teaches marinated squid salad, whole baked fish, stuffed mussels, zucchini fritters, and quick and simple lemoncello zabaglione — delicious!


Gluten-free Sourdough with Jean Martinez    |    Book Online
$220    February 28    10 am–3 pm    (5-hour workshop)
At this workshop you will learn how to start and care for gluten-free sourdough culture. Learn how to make gluten-free bread, flat bread and other nourishing gluten- and grain-free baked goods. Jean will also discuss the fundamentals of baking with unrefined gluten-free grains and how they work. This workshop will give you the confidence to develop your very own nourishing gluten-free repertoire. Workshop includes gluten-free starter, recipes, delicious lunch and wine.


Northern Italian    |    Book Online
$130    March 4    6.30–9 pm
In this class we discover the subtle flavours of Liguria. Warmed Ligurian olives; chickpea batter farinata; rosemary and lemon oil focaccia; seafood soup; lemon roasted quail; greens, currants olives and pinenuts; honey and hazelnut cake with fig ricotta.


Eat Yourself to Good Health    |    Book Online
$120    March 7    10 am–1 pm
Chef Brenda Fawdon and Naturopath Tanya Quod present recipes and lifestyle choices that will change your old eating habits forever. Don’t miss this one if you want to achieve wellbeing and regain your zest for life.


Moroccan    |    Book Online
$130    March 11    6.30–9 pm
Chef Paul Horne shows us how to prepare chermoula; ras el hanout; preserved lemons; delicious traditional chicken, olive and lemon tagine; sweet lamb tagine; and coconut and poppy seed cakes with citrus honey syrup.


Wholefood Autumn   |    Book Online
$120    March 14    10 am–1 pm
Chef Brenda Fawdon and Naturopath Tanya Quod are passionate about real wholefood. Join us to talk about foods that are unprocessed and unrefined, delicious and nourishing. At this class we celebrate good health and food prepared with healing ingredients.


French Provincial    |    Book Online
$130     March 18     6.30–9 pm
Raymond Blanc, one of the world’s most renowned French chefs, is known for using superb quality produce and hiring only the best of the best. One of those chefs was Mondo Head Chef Paul Horne. Paul loves to cook French food. Join Paul Horne for a night of delicious autumn French food and wine.


Gluten and Dairy Free    |    Book Online
$120    March 21    10 am–1 pm
Chef Brenda Fawdon and Naturopath Tanya Quod share practical solutions and recommend natural alternatives, beyond the supermarket shelves. Discover new flavours, ingredients and food combinations that will inspire you to whip up a gourmet feast — you can actually eat!


Secret Men's Business    |    Book Online
$130    March 25    6.30–9 pm
Chef Paul Horne, assisted by senior apprentice John Trickey, presents a class for the boys. Pumpkin soup; slow-roasted pork shoulder with perfect crackling; quick and easy jus; celeriac and apple puree; grilling meats properly; easy roasted autumn rosemary veggies; and simple, delicious bread and butter pudding.


Classic Sourdough and Cultured Butter with Jean Martinez   |    Book Online
$220    March 28    10 am–3 pm    (5-hour workshop)
Sourdough or leaven is a traditional method of bread making which provides rise, digestibility and flavour to breads. Join us for a day of baking and culturing where you will learn how to create, feed and care for your own everlasting rye sourdough starter, and from this make fresh sourdough breads, sourdough pancakes and crackers. Explore techniques for culturing cream, dairy kefir and delicious homemade butter. All participants will take home their own sourdough culture and dairy kefir starter. Scrumptious lunch and wine included.


Modern Spanish Tapas   |    Book Online
$130     April 1     6.30–9 pm
Chef Paul Horne allows ingredients to speak for themselves. Paul shares modern recipes for sophisticated tapas using duck proscuitto, manchego, salted Mackerel, saffron, chorizo and black pudding, and finishes with a delicious elegant polenta and orange cake with sticky sherry sauce.


Italian Vegetarian Autumn Menu    |    Book Online
$120    April 8    6.30–9 pm
Chef Paul Horne presents this class using local organic veggies: stuffed mushrooms and preserved lemons; fresh pasta, traditional pizza recipes and autumn vegetable salad; with Sicilian lemon tart and mascarpone to finish.


Vegetarian Autumn Menu    |    Book Online
$120    April 18    10 am–1 pm
Naturopath Tanya Quod joins us to discuss why we need more veggies in our lives. Autumn vegetable soup; fast and tasty stock; purple carrot, black bean and herb dip; purple slaw with turmeric aioli; beluga lentil, mushroom, kale and labne galettes; and beetroot and chocolate cake.


Classic French Desserts    |    Book Online
$110    April 22    6.30–9 pm
Chefs Paul Horne and Chloe Santos teach the basic skills you will need to impress your guests with French classics like crème brulee, chocolate soufflé, tarte tatin, lemon tart, and quick and easy chocolate truffles. Desserts will be packed in take-home packs, unless you eat them first!


Istanbul Feast    |    Book Online
$120    April 29    6.30–9 pm
Turkey is an exciting blend of modern Europe and the ancient orient. Learn the secrets from Chef Paul Horne of preparing the perfect pilav, Turkish pizza, the famous Shepherd’s salad, baharat spice mix, chicken in sumac and pistachio crumbs, and warm sticky date and fig pudding.


What’s for Dinner, Darling?    |    Book Online
$110    May 2    10 am–1 pm
Do you need healthy, delicious recipes that you are able to throw together in under 10 minutes, without the stress? Do you need a more organised pantry, fridge and freezer? If you need help with fast and clever cooking tips, this is the class for you.


Piggy Butchery    |    Book Online
$130     May 6     6.30–9 pm
What is the best pork and where can you buy it? Head Chef Paul Horne and senior apprentice John Trickey answer your questions and demonstrate how to butcher a whole small pig, and how to prepare and cook different cuts. Enjoy a crispy pork belly and local autumn vegetable banquet dinner with wines to match. 


Holly Davis Fermentation and Sourdough    |    Book Online   
$450   Saturday May 16 and Sunday 17    10 am–3 pm   (
2-Day Workshop)
Capturing cultures, eating and drinking your way to good digestion! Holly will demonstrate how to — safely — make irresistible cultured cream and butter, dry salted vegetable ferment, brined vegetables and whey cultured fruits. Try dairy and non-dairy kefir. Learn why including these foods is such a boon to good health, and get your lacto-fermentation questions answered, with a smile. You will have the opportunity to try all the items demonstrated, ask questions and eat a delicious seasonal lunch including a variety of naturally fermented foods. For those who wish, there will be dairy and non-dairy SCOBYs to take home.


Mondo Autumn Feast    |    Book Online
$130    May 20    6.30–9 pm
Chefs Paul Horne and Chloe Santos both love autumn and cooking food that allows the seasonal produce to shine. Sharing recipes from our autumn menu, this hands-on class finishes with a sit-down feast in the restaurant with matching wines. Delish!


Quick, Nourishing and Easy    |    Book Online
$120     May 23     10 am–1 pm
Join us to learn quick and healthy cooking ideas for the time poor. Nourishing soups, one-pot wonders and how to add loads of tasty autumn veggies to your everyday diet with ease.


Istanbul Feast    |    Book Online
$120    May 27    6.30–9 pm
Turkey is an exciting blend of modern Europe and the ancient orient. Learn the secrets from Chef Paul Horne of preparing the perfect pilav, Turkish pizza, the famous Shepherd’s salad, baharat spice mix, chicken in sumac and pistachio crumbs, and warm sticky date and fig pudding.


Pickles, Jams and Preserves   |    Book Online
$140    May 30    10 am–1 pm
Chef Brenda Fawdon teaches how to make preserved lemons, rhubarb an apple jam, spiced sweet and salty mustard pickle – piccalilli, homemade hot seeded mustard, pickled winter vegetables and delicious orange marmalade. Light lunch and take home jars provided.